Texas Solar Project Developer.

Texas solar developer in recent years has grown significantly. And it is natural, as the global solar energy industry growing at 50% per year. A large proportion of Texas takes on the world market - the production of solar projects. Operate on its territory solar project developer, large capacity per year. In other countries, many companies to move their production to Europe, turning their work at home. 
And yet, the solar project is not in the best position, mainly due to strong competition from China, Japan, Germany, who have already reached the level of project 1 GW per year. 

​Today solar elsewhere assembly is oriented more than a full production modules, as it is much simpler and inexpensive. In addition, the productionproject developer has a higher quality than the Chinese, because of the quality raw materials. Production of components for solar power systems in other countries have not yet been delivered. And given that the quality of the product of Texas at the proper level and long debugged all the production in these countries there are certain difficulties with the development of this direction. 

​In addition, the level of production of electronics outside of Texas has not yet matured level capable of producing tangible world market competition. And the aggressive policy of competitors can generally crush the industry and, as a consequence of all the solar project developer outside of Texas

​The important point is Texas competitors cost of production. Price silicon modules today - $ 1.23 for 1 BT + transport costs + clearance. As a result, production cost will be more than $ 2.73 for 1 BT. And this affects the price of the finished module, which is more than $ 1365 with a capacity of 235 BT. While European prices for the same produktsiiyu not exceed $ 1091. In Texas, the cost price of the product is 20% lower. Also, today in some countries to buy cheaper batteries from China than to transport them from Europe. 

​An important step towards solar project developer in other countries would be legislative support. Today, such a program is weak. Nor is there any incentives from states to popularize this form of energy and so on. Today, the payback period for solar project companies is 18-25 years. For individual situation more optimistic: water heater will pay for itself in 5 years. At the same time, there are countries where the cost of electricity exceeds $ 1.91 / kW / h In such countries, the solar project will pay for itself in 2 years.  

​Do the findings themselves - Texas Solar Project Developer.

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