Production of solar panels in Texas based on the achievements of renewable energy is growing rapidly. Support for renewable energy is at the state level. Timely measures to help improve the environmental situation in the country, to reduce the economy's dependence on the price of electricity, oil, gas. 

​Construction of plants for the production of solar panels allows to develop and implement the use of solar energy in Texas

​Developing measures of state support for renewable energy and mechanisms for the purchase and sale of electricity into the public grid can successfully develop a modern solar energy in Texas. To this end, we have already constructed the largest facilities of solar panels with the participation of enterprises renewable energy market. 

​Texas on the market of solar panels allowed to sell electric energy produced power supply system based on the use of solar energy and solar installation for connection to the central power grid. 

​Actively builds innovative systems equipped with solar panels provide clean electricity itself based on the conversion of solar radiation. On their roof mounted solar panels and inverters. 

​For reference, the Japanese power solar panels Kagoshima 70 MW cost state budget 234 million in Japan. euro. According to the plans of the Russian Rusnano, sales of solar panels and power supply systems will be 130 million euros, thanks to another plant (photovoltaic equipment manufacturer) in St. Petersburg. Petersburg plant began selling solar panels in 2013. Production output is 85 MW per year, the cost of the project - 5.7 billion rubles.
Provide electricity power system telecommunication stations, pipelines and Weather often located independently in remote, uninhabited areas without infrastructure. Autonomous power electricity solar panels - commercially profitable electricity in Texas for industrial use. Telecommunication stations are reliable and economical sources of electricity supply.

Texas solar panels 

Texas power grid solar panels for industrial use